Church Calls for Sobriety Amidst Heightened Political Rhetoric


By EDDY NYADWA, NAIROBI. Pentecostal Church leaders now want politicians to cease political rhetoric  and activity that is likely to escalate tension in the country. They also joined in condemning the leaders who have been showing disrespect to the President and using abusive language.

On the most recent incident, Emurua Dikirr Member of Parliament Johanna Ng’eno and his Kapseret counterpart Oscar Sudi directed their political missiles towards Mama Ngina Kenyatta

While addressing journalists in Nairobi,  the President of Kenya National Congress of Pentecostal Churches Bishop Stanely Michuki noted that the Presidency must be respected.

“We have seen increased use of abusive language towards the presidency.” He added that “The increased character assassination, disrespect and name-calling has caused tension in the country and divided people”

According to Bishop Michuki the president is a symbol of unity and holds the coubtryb together and ought to be revered by all political leaders.

“Personal feelings and hatred should not be displayed in public  because it whips Kenyans to remember the bad scenarios of 2007/8 when Kenyans butchered each other for political reasons” the Bishop asserted.

In a quick rejoinder, Kenyatta hit back at politicians who recently attacked his mother Mama Ngina Kenyatta telling them to insult their own mothers instead.

“Wale watu washenzi wanaenda huko wakitukana mama yangu, waambieni wakatukane mama zao wachaane na mama yangu (the foolish people insulting my mother, tell them to insult their mothers instead and leave mine alone,” President Uhuru said.