DP Ruto buys viral garden furniture at Sh150,000

A screen grab of Deputy President William Ruto interacting with Stephen Odhiambo and Dennis Otieno, two enterprising Kenyans with innovative ideas on garden furniture at his Karen Office on June 25, 2020. Image: COURTESY

DP William Ruto was on Thursday spotted bargaining to get five modern seats from two carpenters whose work of art went viral earlier this month.

Stephen Odhiambo and Dennis Otieno had designed a moving seat to also act as a garden or park bench when folded and a table seat when unfolded.

It is this creativity that wowed many Kenyans including the DP who invited them to his Karen office and made an order.

Even has he did this, Kenyans were able to see the other side of Ruto as he bargained with the two carpenters.

Vile nitafanya. Niko na kiwanja kubwa.. utaenda kunitengenezea ingine tatu….zikuwe tano… itakuwa elfu mia moja sio..ama niaje..ama nikupatie 120?” he posed.

(What I will do, Is that I have a big field her, so go and make another three so that they become five. This will be Sh100,000 right? Or I give you Sh120,000)

But the carpenters laughed briefly insisting they sell the five furniture sets for Sh150, 000.

“Sasa mbona umeongeza imekuwa bei kali bwana…ulikuwa umesema 22,000,” Ruto said.

(Why have you added the amount. It is too expensive. You said one was Sh22,000). If one was 22,000 then five goes for Sh110,000.

But Odhiambo told him that the Sh22,000 was for an ordinary Kenyan.

“What about hustlers like us? 150,000?. Utaleta lini..chukuwa number ya huyu jamaa. Atakupea mia moja sahi na 50,000 ukizileta,” he said.

(When will you bring them Take my number from my PA. He will give you Sh100,000 today and Sh50,000 when you deliver them)

On his social media pages, Ruto said he was privileged to meet and interact with Stephen Odhiambo and Dennis Otieno, two enterprising Kenyans with innovative ideas on garden furniture.

“I was humbled by their efforts and I pray to God through the Son of the Carpenter from Nazareth to bless the work of their hands. Their dreams are valid. Karen office, Nairobi County,” he said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is on record saying the manufacturing sector can be saved if we all start buying Kenyan to build Kenya.

Uhuru has led from the front in the ‘buy Kenya build Kenya’ initiative.

The President himself has been on the front line to ensure that he does what he preaches.