Eng. Anthony Chelimo Launches His Gubernatorial Bid For Elgeyo Marakwet County 2022


During a sports event in Iten stadium, Eng. Anthony Chelimo launched his bid for the Elgeyo Marakwet Gubernatorial race. At Iten stadium, the focused engineer witnessed the finals of the Chelimo Cup, which he has sponsored.

During the launch, Engineer Chelimo highlighted some of his manifesto which he intends to implement once given the mandate:


Mr Chelimo highlighted roads as one of his key priority agendas citing that he wants to upgrade all earthen roads in the county into bituminous standards. This will facilitate transport especially of farm produce to the markets with ease. “Infrastructure is an integral part of trade, transport and security. By improving accessibility, my intention is to open up the remote rural area to more economic activities like trade and tourism,” Eng. Chelimo noted.


As the County Chief Executive, Mr Chelimo hinted that he will work with the National Police Service to help curb insecurity and banditry which have crippled the county owing to its proximity to volatile counties of West Pokot and Baringo. He will also work towards enhancing the capacity of the police by building better police cells, posts and housing even though the mandate falls under the docket of the National Government. “The county will deploy a digital shared database tracking all crime related incidences and trends,” he observed.


Elgeyo Marakwet is primarily an agrarian region. My administration will roll out extension services program to solve the farmers’ challenges. I will also give farmers subsidized inputs such as seeds and fertilizer and also promote best farming practices.


As the head of the County, I will work towards equipping laboratories and establish research initiatives in partnership with relevant partners. At the moment the only institution of higher learning in Elgeyo Marakwet is Tambach teachers College and 3 TVETs.


Our youth empowerment program will include academics (bursaries and county/partners sponsored quizzes, spelling bee, etc) sports (Elgeyo Olympics) and entrepreneurship (Science Congress, Expos, etc).

We will negotiate a deal with athletes both local and international training them in Iten to each adopt a school for mentorship.

On women, I will guide them in order to formalize their enterprise which include ornament making, table banking and catering in order to make their hustle profitable.

I will also make sure that the less privileged and the persons with disability are treated with dignity and also give them a platform to utilize their God-given unique talents for self-reliance.



Elgeyo Marakwet County attracts scores of tourists annually due to its endowment with natural beauty and scenic landscapes. My administration will create package for the visiting athletes that will see them visit various parts of the county with the guidance of our local tour operators. We shall also have the experience Elgeyo Festival to showcase our county to the guests and let them sample our culture. 


The main cause of mortality in the county according to official research is communicable, maternal, neonatal and nutritional diseases. These are followed by Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs). My administration will facilitate equipping of our health centers and hiring professional medical personnel to man them.


Elgeyo Marakwet County is subjected to extreme weather annually. This coupled with the fact that our terrain is very diverse, it is obvious to see the need for a disaster management and response team. I will ensure proper utilization of both public and private ambulances, fire trucks/water hydrants and also capacity build our enforcement officers in disaster preparedness and response,