Ex-Olympic champion Asbel Kiprop shifts focus to motorsports

Asbel Kiprop [Courtesy]

Asbel Kiprop is shifting focus from athletics to motorsport.

The three-time world champion and former Olympic 1500 meters gold medalist made the announcement on his Facebook, accompanied with a picture of rally advisor Abdul Sidi.

“Abdul Sidi coach of my next sport. Hope it works out. Motorsport coming soon. I’m ready to begin again in a sport that doesn’t have doping conspiracy. I will be patient again to be able to Champion. I will be climbing this ladder hoping to learn the next game,” said Asbel on social media.

Sidi, explained Asbel’s interest and how he plans to help the banned athlete make strides in motorsport.

The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Disciplinary Tribunal in April last year banned Kiprop for four years.

Kiprop was suspended in 2018 after testing positive for Erythroprotein (EPO), a blood-boosting substance which increases the production of red blood cells, encouraging more oxygen flow in the body.

The AIU confirmed that two urine samples collected from Asbel’s home on November 27, 2017 returned adverse findings, confirming the presence of EPO in his system.

Kiprop, welcomed as one of the finest middle distance runners of this era, refused to take the Adverse Doping Result Verdict (ADRV) lying down, storming social media accusing AIU of a personal witch hunt.

The 29-year-old maintained that his original samples had been tampered with by officials — who he claimed are punishing him for not being generous enough with the money he gave them.

“I have been left to fight this on my own. I have had no support even from my fellow athletes, some who have questioned my integrity in public,” said Kiprop.