By EUGINE ONYANGO on 15 June 2022 – 10:20 am

Former Senator, Boni Khalwale, was forced to leave a Kenya Kwanza rally in Kakamega after he clashed publicly with his successor, Cleophas Malala, on Tuesday, June 14.

Trouble emerged after Boni Khalwale requested Kakamega resident to vote whom ever they will prefer in governor seat. In his speech, stated that both candidates are sons of Kakamega and residents should vote for the person they deem fit.

“I want you to know this, I am the son of Luhya land from Kakamega, Malala is also a son of the Luhya community as well as Fernandes. All of us are looking for leadership and out of all these, I am the best, you can vote for me and for the rest you can decide who you want,” Khalwale stated.

however when Malala took the podium he rubbished Khalwale statement and assure him that kakamega is his bedroom and the residents will vote for 100%.

“What is this guy saying? This is my bedroom and if he is eating on both sides, he should tell us. Boni, I want to assure you that these people will vote for you as a Senator and when you come here stop talking about Barasa.

“Are you meeting him at night and that is why you are selling him? This is my bedroom and I intend to get 100 per cent of the votes, unless you want to get 2 per cent, stop speaking about others,” Malala stated.

An altercation ensured forcing Khalwale to leave the rally in a huff despite the two candidates supporting the Kenya Kwanza alliance under the leadership of Deputy President William Ruto.

this confrotation comes barely less than a week ago when ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi urged residents in the Western region to vote for candidates from his party overwhelmingly in the August polls. Khalwale’s utterances are seen as a counter to Mudavadi’s.

Mudavadi added that residents from Sugoi – deputy president Ruto’s backyard will not vote for candidates who are not from UDA party, therefore he pleaded with resident from western vote for canditates from his party ANC and not other parties.