Mr. Patrick Macharia, a 44-year-old farmer in Nakuru is the new Kshs. 15 Million Midweek Jackpot winner. Mr. Macharia correctly predicted 15 games with Kshs.15 stake to take home Betika's Kshs.15 Million Midweek Jackpot and joined the long list of Betika winners.

Patrick Gachahi Macharia, a 44year old farmer from Nakuru, is the latest Shs15 Million Midweek Jackpot winner thanks to Betika. Mr. Macharia, who is a farmer and a businessman in Nakuru, correctly predicted 15 games with Ksh15 to take home Betika’s Ksh15 Million Midweek Jackpot. Mr. Macharia relocated to Nakuru in 2013 from Nairobi in pursuit of greener pastures. Macharia started betting in 2016 with no significant wins, which led him to join and trying his luck on the leading betting platform in 2018.

“On 21st September, while in Nakuru, I really didn’t have bundles but thanks to the Bet Bila Bundles option on Betika, I was able to pick my 15-game selection on probably the biggest smart phone. That phone is so big, I’m usually embarrassed to carry it around” he says with a smile. “I usually bet on multiple combinations and spend approximately Kshs. 75 bob every week. I didn’t think much about this Midweek Jackpot combination because I have registered a few periodic small wins. I watched a few games but due to my busy schedule I didn’t look at my slip again until Friday 24th September. Good things do come to those who wait,” said Mr. Macharia.

“From 2018, I have been placing bets, even though I registered some wins, I never won a huge amount. I
did not give up because I love analyzing games and betting,” he remarked. As for his future plans, Mr.
Macharia plans to add more parcels of land for farming, he will buy rare breeds of farm animals, boost
his other businesses and of course carry his young family through life.

Speaking during the handover of the cheque, Betika’s Marketing Manager, Jackie Tonui expressed her delight at Mr. Macharias’ win. ‘’At Betika, we will always ensure that we offer our customers a credible platform where they enjoy their favorite sport as they place their bets on a platform that offers them the best experience with great rewards. Mr. Macharia not only wins Ksh12M after tax, but we have also partnered with a credible Financial Advisory firm to offer him both financial and legal advice on prudent use. We also encourage all our customers to engage in responsible gaming as they continue betting on the sports that they love’’. Betika’s midweek jackpot also offers attractive bonuses for punters who get between 12-14 correct game predictions.