Orange Democratic Movement Youth leaders have urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to crack the whip in war on corruption.
Led by their national president Mr. John Ole Ketora, the leaders told the President to quickly act to contain growing corruption. 
Ketora said that time is running out for President Kenyatta to tackle corruption especially in his Deputy’s office. 
They asked President Kenyatta to put in place tougher measures for fighting corruption telling the head of State to order for the arrest of senior government officials implicated in corruption especially. 
Ketora claimed some politicians are taking advantage of their position in government to engage in corruption. 
They now want to see the big fish being charged asking the President to use a more aggressive approach to ensure those stealing taxpayers’ money are arrested and prosecuted. 
He said that corruption will prevent the county from achieving its development goals and the Big Four agenda. 
Migori Youth leader Mr. Erick Opany accused some politicians of pocketing money meant for development projects. 
He said instead of spending government resources in fighting Kenyans who are trying to fight corruption, the resources should be used to tackle the corrupt at the top levels.