Geophysical spatial plan for Kisumu

Governor Anyang' Nyong'o announces re-organization of Kisumu city.

Kisumu City will soon apply geophysical techniques in planning once the plan is approved by the County Assembly.

The County Governor Anyang Nyong’o says geophysical spatial planning has been completed.

Nyong’o says the plan will help in proper developing of the city.

He says the city will undergo reorganization since it will be clear on where to place different amenities.

Speaking when he officially launched 700 stalls for Kisumu traders that was constructed by World Bank, Nyong’o says the city was planned long time ago and it is time for its reorganization.

The Governor says urban planning for the city of Kisumu is critical due to the ever population growth.

He promised residents of Kisumu that under his administration the lakeside city will be modernized.

Nyong’o says soon the plan will be taken to the Assembly for debate but after his cabinet shall have approved it.

Once approved, all planning in the city will be pegged on the spatial plan.