Gone to soon

Young pilot Barbra Wangeci Kamau

It has been a sad week in Kenya after the airplane tragedy that occurred on Tuesday evening. The plane departed from Kitale and was destined to arrive in Nairobi.

But it didn’t go as planned. Families where waiting for their loved ones at the airport but shockingly it seemed that destiny wasn’t playing in their favor. As they heard that the aircraft flight number C2008 had disappeared only to be located in the Aberdares around Nyandarua County

The missing plane is said to be operated by East Africa Safari Air Express, the holding company of Fly540.

The plane was carrying 10 people in which the two pilots were female in which one of the pilots was Barbra Wangeci Kamau caught the public’s eye as she was a University Graduate in which she was so young who was destined for much greatness.

Here are some of photos of the bubbly Barbra:

Barbra being happy