Government Asked to give attention to the Industry of clearing and forwarding


The Government has been challenged to give proper attention to the Industry of clearing and forwarding in a bid to spur economic growth and achieve the Nation’s Economic Blueprint, the Vision 2030.
Mr. John Maina, is a successful entrepreneur who doubles up as the proprietor of the reputable Youngline Clearing and Forwarding Company. The Nation sought an inclusive interview with him and shared some of his insights with this writer.

Firstly Mr Maina faulted the government for system inconsistencies especially in the IFMIS system that has been a stumbling block. “The system doesn’t seem to work very well and this greatly affects the clearance of goods at the port.

Another challenge is decentralisation of services whereby one is required to present themselves physically to acquire the certificate of origin.” the eloquent yet humble Mr Maina said.

His company, Youngline Clearing and Forwarding, is among the best and top clearing and forwarding companies in the country due to its startegic disposition in the market. Firstly it handles unique categories of goods which other companies frown at their sight. “We export hazardous substances such as explosives, fuel and gas, vaccines, and highly dangerous chemicals and liquids, additionally we are the only company that handles handicrafts in a bid to promote local production and at the same time supporting local enterprises.”

Mr Maina also thought there’s urgent need for institutions of higher learning to take clearing and forwarding seriously. He said, “At the moment the highest qualification we have is a diploma Certificate of clearing and forwarding. I wonder why varsities aren’t putting up campuses offering faculties such as clearing and forwarding in a bid to create capacity.”

But all is not gloom. The highly respected entrepreneur who is definitely a household name congratulated the government for the seamless system of transportation in the name of the Standard Gauge Railway. The advantages of the railway include security and safety of the consignment, reduction of accidents and also efficiency,” the witty, sharp and polished Mr Maina added.

Maina also thinks that as a country we haven’t exploited our export capacities,h said, “As a country we only do 12% but this can increase upwards of 35% if fully exploited,”
As the Nation Media Group we do wish the very Mr Maina the very best in his professional endeavours to build the Nation and create employment.