Homa Bay Prophetic Pastor who dreamt to meet Ruto arrested.


Joseph Chenge of Jerusalem Mowar Church has been arrested by Police in Homa Bay, the prophetic man who stated he want to meet President William Ruto with 21 days to share his prophetic massage about kenya’s future did not get spared by law enforcement officers.

 He was arrested alongside 11 associates at their house of worship in Ruri village, Suba North constituency. His people included six pastors and five people who were staying in the church for worship. The suspects are being detained at Mbita Police Station.

Homa Bay Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer Abed Kavoo said they are holding Chenge for promoting religious teachings with questionable practices.

Abed said their preliminary investigations revealed that the cleric was detaining sick people ‘to pray for them’ instead of allowing them to seek medication in hospitals.

Last weekend, a video clip linked to Joseph Chenge went viral on social media where he asked President Ruto to meet him within 21 days for prophesy. He said that God had foretold him something about Kenya which he needed to meet the president and tell him.