Homa Bay county boda boda riders have come out to protect and unleash their anger on perpetrators of teenage pregnancy in the lakeside county.

Amref Africa officer Beatrice Oluoch said that there is need for the county and the country to be vigilant and offer directions on issues related to teenage pregnancy and sexuality in Homa Bay County that has been ranked second at 40% after Narok.

She said that all stakeholders that include boda boda riders and other players should come together and find an amicable solution that will help reduce and even eradicate teenage pregnancy in Homa Bay and the country at large.

She called on all the boda boda riders to spread the gospel of denounce and help protect teenage girls in the county who are also at the risk of getting HIV/AIDS.

She said the next county Government of Homa Bay should prioritise and create a budget to deal with emerging issues related to escalating cases of teenage pregnancy.

Harrison Ochola said that there is needto bring the boda boda riders on board in order to help end the vice that put the county on the national limelight.

He said that the riders have for many times been implicated as the ones involved in the cases of teenage since they are employed by parents to take the children to school and also other places like church and mosques.

He said that cases of teenage pregnancy are so much rampant in Ndhiwa and Rachuonyo sub county and most boda boda riders are always blamed for being perpetrators of the unlawful crime.

The chairman of the boda boda riders in Homa Bay County Evans Odhiambo Otieno said that they will walk in all the 6 sub counties of Homa Bay county to ensure that the educate their fellow riders on the issues related to teenage pregnancy.

He called on the county Government to create a budget that will enable the girls from poor families get essential items like sanitary pads and pants that they sometimes miss and if given by the riders or even older person they get lured so easily into unprotected sex that is even risk for their future life.