Hon. Sonia Birdi Speaks On Women Leadership And Political Participation


As the political block continues to take shape, women have been an important part of this progress to a point where some want have applied for positions of presidential running mates a move that has given our leadership another turn.

Being a Woman aspirant is still a big role to take but being an Indian Woman aspirant is even more of a challenge, considering the fact that Indians form a small share of the Kenyan population.

In a discussion with Sanjeev K. Birdi, alias Sonia Birdi, who is the first and only Kenyan woman Lawmaker from the Indian community, she lauded the Kenyan government for its active inclusion of women in leadership to a point that it created the women representative position to increase the number of females in governance

The Yoga and meditation teacher who is vying for Westlands MP seat has been on the fore front fighting for her people and during her time in parliament she fought for a clean environment by stopping dumping of garbage near schools such as st. Elizabeth in Makadara constituency and also was part of legislating the immigration act that focuses on individuals seeking citizenship from Kenya.

Her drive to represent the people of Westlands is drawn from the fact that there are many Indian business people in Westlands who need representation and over the years their voices have not been listened to which drags their growth behind and she therefore seeks to be the face of her community as much as she will be representing other Kenyans

The flamboyant leader who is a firstborn of four children, went to Our Lady of Mercy Primary School in Nairobi, South B from where she proceeded to Loreto Convent, Msongari, for her secondary school education which means she is totally Kenyan and she understands Kenya’s political journey and history.

The Azimio Coalition supporter has also applauded Martha Karua’s bravely in fighting for democracy over the years and she calls on coalitions to form a culture of giving the Deputy presidents seat to women for equality and inclusion of women into power.

Sonia seeks to motivate more women to dive into leadership across all fields in business and politics and she agrees that since her entry into politics more women from her community have gained the courage to engage in leadership matters.

“I have inspired people and 10-12 years later I can see the difference in society and you will be shocked that people have gained positive motivation from me and am grateful to God.” she said