Hospital beds stolen in Migori

A standard Hospital bed.

Hospital beds, though manufactured in various sizes with different functions and capabilities, all need maintenance and routine servicing. But In Kehancha Sub-county an investigation has been launched involving health officials after two suspects were arrested with stolen hospital beds.

Kuria West Sub-County police commander Cleti Kimayio said most of the beds were from Kehancha Sub-county Hospital.

Preliminary investigations indicate that over 100 hospital beds were sneaked from the facility during a public auction but their whereabouts could not be traced.

The suspects ferrying the cargo in a lorry produced a forged auction certificate and said they were authorised by health department officials to pick the beds.

“The two are helping with investigations, we are already pursuing two trucks loaded with some of the beds which went missing at the facility,” Mr Kimaiyo told the media

“We have expanded the investigation to include some county health officials who allowed the beds to be taken from the hospital.”

In the recent past, Kehancha residents have decried poor services at the hospital which they is under-equipped. They termed the stealing of hospital beds as “an insult to health service provision”

Peter Mwita, a businessman in Kehancha town, said he became suspicious when he saw a lorry at the hospital collecting beds.

“I became suspicious when I saw several beds being loaded into lorry. After enquiring, I was informed that the beds were being taken public auction,” he said.

Mr Rioba said that despite reporting the matter to police, the officers were reluctant to act prompting him to mobilise residents. The locals intercepted the vehicle and seized two suspects.

Locals said two other vehicles drove away loaded with beds and other hospital equipment.