Interior PS meets Security Intelligence team as the country nears general election


Permanent Secretary for Interior Karanja Kibicho has said that no administrative personnel has been asked or coerced to campaign for any political party.

Local Authority In Migori During The Security Committee At Migori Teachers Training College

Kibicho who addressed the Migori County Security Committee at Migori Teachers Training College said that the government is always neutral and its mandate is to serve the generation public.

The PS noted that the government will provide security and support to IEBC to ensure that it delivers free, fair and credible results.

He said that the government will ensure that voters have security and an enabling environment to make their willing full decision.

The official pointed out that the country had a requirement of about 70,000 police officers across the country to ensure that the general election is conducted in a secure environment.

Already police officers have been assigned to IEBCH through the gazettement notice to ensure security during the election is up to date.

Kibicho said that the Security Advisory Committee both at the National, Regional and County levels will work in unison to ensure peace prevails during the election.

He was pleased that Migori County had adequately prepared well for the forthcoming elections to ensure that IEBC carries its constitutional mandate.

Kibicho added that the government will give IEBC fully support to ensure elections are done according to the rules and regulations set by the election body.

He also emphasised that Migori was not a hotspot county and according to security briefs there was no report indicating that the county will witness any form of violence.