International Peace Day


A section of Migori residents led by County Commissioner Mwangi Meru have undertaken a peaceful procession to champion for peace during International Peace Day.

While commissioning the event, Commissioner Mwangi said the walk was to demonstrate the peaceful milestone achieved by Migori residents during, before and after the general elections regardless of the results, adding that it was also an opportunity for them to show their solidarity.

The participants walked for more than six kilometers from Migori commissioner’s offices to Florence hotel while another group walked from Namba junction to Sagero primary school (more than 10 kilometers) in the outskirts of the town.

Mwangi noted that this year’s theme of “End Racism. Build Peace” engages people of all ages, youths and the older generation.

PeaceNet Kenya Migori coordinator Castro Baraza said through the engagement of both generations, they will share ideas and learn from each other adding that Migori moved from violence red alert rating even before the election following the peaceful coexistence among locals.

UWIANO Communication Expert John Ndeta while speaking in Sagero pointed out that they have always involved the youths to champion for development agendas and be agents of change at the community level.

Ndeta commended the youths for maintaining peace during and after the general elections saying people anticipated chaos at that time but the youths were patient enough to maintain peace all through thanking them for showing the rest of the world that elections can be done peacefully.