Isiolo principals donate masks to school children in remote areas

Kessha Isiolo branch chair Abdi Diba distributes face masks to school going children in Ngaremara on June 4, 2020. PHOTO | COURTESY

Concerned over the huge number of children playing in groups without face masks amid the Covid-19 outbreak, Isiolo secondary school heads have started distributing masks to the young ones who are at home.

The principals have already donated masks to over 300 children in Ngaremara Ward and educated families on coronavirus prevention measures with the initiative meant to cover far flung areas in the county.

Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (Kessha) Isiolo branch Chairman Abdi Diba said it is unfortunate that many adults are protecting themselves but forgetting the little ones who are at a high risk of contracting the disease.

“We want to ensure that all the school going children at home are safe from the disease,” said Mr Diba.


The school heads complained that many families in the remote areas have no access to radio sets, which is affecting learning for the children.

“We found children from 20 families converged in one of the homes to listen to the radio. We are deliberating on how we would assist them during this time they are at home,” the Isiolo Boys Principal said.

Mr Diba appealed to parents to take good care of the children while at home and be mindful of whom they spend time with so that they are not lured into drug and substance abuse.

He said before schools reopen, the government must ensure proper measures are put in place to stem the spread of the viral disease.

There are four confirmed Covid-19 cases in Isiolo County.

“I have asked all the school heads to see how they can facilitate the release of books that children left in school when they were sent home so that they can continue with learning,” he said.