Itumbi Issues a 48-Hour Deadline to the Country Regarding Nation Media Group Headline.


ICT Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dennis Itumbi has threatened to sue the Nation Media Group (NMG) over alleged defamation following a series of articles that he claimed hurt his image.

Itumbi claimed that the publications alleged that the CAS exercised his official duties as normal despite a court injunction while breaking down the concerns in the Nation’s pieces.

He also criticized the headline Mibabe wa Ukaidi (Stubborn Tyrants), which appeared on Taifa Leo on May 21, 2023, and included his image on the first page.

The lawyer also questioned the newspapers’ claims that all of the tasks, actions, and positions he performed were reserved for the position of CAS.

The CAS stated that the article portrayed a picture of him as desperate to hold the CAS position because his life would crumble without it.

Itumbi was one of 50 CASs sworn in on March 23, 2023, in an event chaired over by President William Ruto. Following a suit by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) challenging their constitutionality, Justice Hedwig Ongudi of the High Court in Nairobi prohibited the CASs from taking office the next day.

President Ruto, on the other hand, defended his decision to appoint the 50 CASs, citing a massive workload that required all hands on deck to fulfill on campaign pledges.

“On appointing CAS, that is my government’s plan.” It is my decision, and I see the necessity for CAS in my government.”