Kagwe Mungai the  multifaceted singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur released his first single of 2022 “Safi Safi,”  via OBY Afrika, a rising Kenyan led creative outfit.  Kagwe teamed up with Nviiri TheStoryteller popularly known for his lyrical prowess. Safi Safi is available on Youtube now!
Kagwe, revered for his creative dexterity also produced this single which sonically furthered his agenda of manipulating and creating new genres of music. The visual direction for safi Safi was executed by talented and upcoming video director, Omoke who is causing major waves in the industry with his fresh and avant-garde perspective. The energy and vibes in the video underscore the authentically spirited tones as Kagwe and Nviiri deliver insatiable bars and a very infectious hook . “With every single project I put out, I continue to be amazed by the support and love that I get from my fans- old and new. This constantly pushes me to only give the best to my people. Safi Safi has been in production since 2020- before the pandemic started- and I felt  I couldn’t put it out because it needed an additional element Turns out the additional element was Nviiri and I am glad that we made magic on this track and gave our fans the collab they didn’t know they needed. ” Says Kagwe Mungai 
For this project, OBY Afrika partnered with The Junction Mall, where the main scenes of the video were filmed. They also brought in Juana App, a newly launched dating app targeting the singles community in Nairobi. Juana App is available for all android users. Lastly, OBY teamed up with Number 7, a new and popular nightclub in the CBD. Safi Safi video premiered exclusively on 8th February at Number 7 during a comedy roast event that the club hosts every Tuesday evening. On this particular day, Kagwe and Nviiri were put on the hot seat by the talented comedians, after which they showcased the new video which was exceptionally received by the club revellers. 

Last year was a great year for Kagwe’s Music, starting from the first release of the year Ponky to Mbogi Ya Madenge, the chart topping single that ushered the end of the year in style. This year, Kagwe promises new music like we have never heard before, from strategic collaborations to even further blurring genres and exploring new sounds from all over the world.