Kalonzo proposes MCAs reduction to 700

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka handing a report with the party’s views to the BBI Chairman Senator Yusuf Haji. He was accompanied by party members.

Wiper Party leader has proposed a reduction of MCAs from 1,450 to just 700 in the event the constitution will be amended.

Kalonzo Musyoka, who was making submissions to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) task force yesterday, said salaries of the 700 MCAs should then be increased by 20 per cent of their current pay. He also wants counties increased to 50. Kalonzo proposed Gucha in Nyanza, Maua in Meru and Mwingi in Kitui as the new counties.

“In the new plan, Members of the County Executive Committees should be appointed from members of County Assembly,” Kalonzo said.

However, it was interesting when Kalonzo and his deputy Farah Maalim differed over what was to be the party position when they appeared before the Senator Yusuf Haji-led team.

The two could not agree on the system of governance. While Kalonzo wants the president to remain both the head of state and government, Maalim wants a parliamentary system led by an executive premier. Maalim claimed the one-man one-vote system was a disadvantage to minority communities as it cuts their chances of ever leading this country through unequal opportunity.

The clash infuriated Wiper MPs who had accompanied them to KICC in Nairobi. Some of the MPs demanded for a National Executive Council meeting to iron out the issues. Ms Lakeisha Abdala, also a deputy party leader, was present.But Kalonzo downplayed the dispute, explaining Wiper is a democratic party that guarantees freedom of expression.

Wiper wants the PM to be appointed by the president and only removed by a two-thirds majority in both the National Assembly and the Senate. The premier, according to Wiper, will be responsible for coordination and supervision of government.

“The prime minister shall nominate, for appointment by the president, the two deputy prime ministers,” said Kalonzo. He wants the premier to be the leader of government business in parliament and to be the leader of the political party or coalition with majority seats in parliament. Wiper also proposed creation of positions of official leaders of opposition established in both the National Assembly and in the Senate.

Kalonzo said the candidate who comes second in a presidential election should automatically join the Senate as the leader of official opposition and his running mate the National Assembly to take over a similar role.

Kalonzo also wants the Senate accorded the status of ‘upper-house’ so that all Bills passed by the National Assembly must be approved before presidential assent.

Wiper further wants 50 per cent of the nomination slots exclusively reserved for women to bridge the gender parity in the elective positions. It also wants the current Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) officials dismissed. Kalonzo said political parties should be allowed to scrutinise IEBC processes before and during elections.