KCSE In Migori County


Migori County Commissioner Mr. Mwangi Meru has said that the county has prepared security wise to ensure that they deliver credible Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).He noted that they have properly arranged for the exam and they have already briefed the centre managers on the same.The official said that the county had 22,695 candidates in the ten sub counties with 12 containers to ensure safety and promotions in terms of exam distribution. 12,158 boys and 10,597 girls will be sitting for this year’s exams in the county.

Mr. Meru called all the personnel involved in the exam process to ensure that they deliver fair exams free from cheating.The county has 299 centres that will be properly managed and the Commissioner asked the security to be serious to ensure that the exam goes on safely and returned safely. He said that they will move to monitor how the exam is going.Mr. Meru said that so far the county does not have any special case of students who are sick to seat for their national exam or pregnancy but said that in case that happens they will ensure that arrangements will be made to cater for any arising situations.