Kenya granted Ksh.5.3 billion to support health and economic recovery

U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, Kyle McCarter.PHOTO| COURTESY

Kenya has been granted Ksh.5.3 billion ($50 million) to support its response and recovery efforts.

The grant made through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) is expected to meet the immediate and long-term challenges posed by COVID-19.

“The American people have always been generous to those in need around the world, and today Kenya is facing the compound challenges of COVID-19, flooding, and locusts.  We are focusing on ensuring resources get to the counties and communities, because Kenya’s communities are Kenya’s greatest asset in overcoming these challenges,” stated U.S. Ambassador Kyle McCarter.

Ksh.610 million is expected to boost distance learning among school going learners while supporting employment creation in emerging areas and the support for citizen-responsive governance.

“U.S. funds directly benefit Kenyans. We partner with the Kenyan government, NGOs, civil society and local organizations and institutions to support the Kenyan people. The U.S. requires our partners to adhere to rigorous reporting requirements and standards,” added USAID Mission Director Mark Meassick.

The USAID has facilitated the training of over 1,600 health workers in addition to the distribution of in excess of 272,000 Ministry of Heath posters on the prevention and symptoms of COVID-19.