Kenya: Ministry’s War Against Locusts Gets Major Boost

Bayer East Africa Limited Managing Director, Laurent Perrier, Industrialist and Entrepreneur, Dr. Chris Kirubi, Elgon Kenya Director and Agrochemical Association of Kenya representative, Bimal Kantaria and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, KEPSA, Eng. Martha Cheruto. COURTESY.

The government’s fight against desert locusts got a boost this week after the Ministry of Agriculture received thousands of litres of a pesticide used in combating the pest.

The donation came from the Agriculture Sector Network (ASNET) through crop science multinational Bayer East Africa.

The firm donated some 170,000 litres of Delmathrin, an active ingredient effective in eliminating desert locusts.

Some 50,000 litres of the chemical would be used in Uganda. The Sh100 million donation targets 170,000 hectares.

Regional agriculture association.

ASNET chairman Bimal Kantaria said the efforts in combating the insects across the region show the need to create a vibrant agriculture industry not just in Kenya but in the entire region.

He disclosed that plans are under way to a form a regional agriculture association.

“Through this donation, we hope to support vulnerable smallholder farmers who are critical to the attainment of food security,” said Mr Laurent Perrier, MD Bayer East Africa

Agriculture CAS Jebii Kilimo said public-private partnership is critical in winning the war against the insects.