KNCCI Upholds Ethics & Integrity, says Chamber President Richard Ngatia


By EDDY NYADWA, Nairobi – The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) President Richard Ngatia says the body is committed to responsible business conduct, free of bribery and corruption.

While addressing journalists on Tuesday, Ngatia said that KNCCI  spearheads the drive for greater integrity in business transactions, as a way to guarantee and boost investor confidence.

“As the chamber, we play an important role in the fight against corruption by creating an environment intolerant of bribery and illicit activity.” He said.

According to Ngatia, the media plays a vital role in attracting investors through its reporting. To enhance confidence in the country’s economy, he has called for balanced and factual reporting on alleged graft cases, including the use of COVID-19 funds.

This comes following media reports alleging that some companies, including one associated with Ngatia was involved in corrupt dealings with Kenya Medical Supplies Authority.

“While we appreciate, support and applaud the Fourth Estate in execution of their watchdog and informative role in the society, we call for ethical and balanced coverage devoid of unsubstantiated claims and innuendos” Ngatia noted.

“Unsubstantiated disparaging reportage on matters business and economy is a huge risk factor that could precipitate massive losses and absolute closure of thriving enterprises and corporates.” He added.

According to the media report aired by NTV dubbed Covid Millionaires, it is alleged that Megascope Healthcare Limited, was involved in the clearing of COVID-19 donations by the Jack Ma Foundation. Ngatia has instructed his lawyers to file a lawsuit against Nation Media Group.