KRA recover Sh75m contraband milk along Kangundo Road.


Detectives raided a go down in Nairobi’s Eastlands neighborhoods on Tuesday, finding a shipment of unclaimed powdered milk valued at over Sh75 million.

1,511 bags of powdered milk that had been earlier deemed unfit for human consumption at the Port of Mombasa were recovered following a coordination between KRA personnel and detectives from the Economic and Commercial Crimes Unit.

The owner of the godown where the cargo was stored was picked up for questioning as the KRA team is now investigating how the milk that had been condemned and was due for destruction found its way to a godown in Mowlem area.

The detectives who were acting on intelligence moved with speed and raided the premises where the 25- kilograms bags, which had the labels detailing their expiry dates removed and were ready for repackaging, were found.

Detectives are on a manhunt for the mastermind behind the high-level scheme which would have had devastating consequences on the health of Kenyans, had the powdered milk found its way to the local market.