Lack of good will to blame for no safe houses in Kisumu


The Civil Society in Kisumu has blamed the politicians for the failure to establish safe houses to help in cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV).


Civil Society Organization coordinator in Nyanza region Betty Okero says the lack of political goodwill has made it difficult to come up with safe houses.

Okero says as a civil society, they have tried for the past 15 years to have safe houses without success due to lack of interest from the politicians.

She says politicians must be made to understand why the region requires safer houses, for instance, as the country now heads to the next polls.

Speaking to the press in Kisumu during a meeting convened by UN Women to look into the case of GBV, Okero says they will not tire of pushing the duty bearers to set up such houses.

She says it is not the duty of civil society to establish safer houses noting that counties have allocations for that work.

Okero says the devolved structure gives Governors the opportunity to allocate funds to equip the safer houses.