Landlord Removes Tenant’s Roof in Kariobangi

A Landlord in Kariobangi South removes the roof of his tenant's house for allegedly failing to pay April rent. PHOTO/FACEBOOK

A landlord in Nairobi’s Kariobangi Estate has removed the roof of one his tenants owing to a squabble about illegal power connections and wanting him to vacate his rentals.

Jackson Macharia the tenant whose roof was removed says that what the landlord did was not about rent payment as his neighbours too are yet to pay rent.

“Last month I asked the landlord about the illegal water and electricity connections in his rentals as we were experiencing frequent power surges leading to the blowing of electronics. I also took issue with him charging us for illegally connected water.

“That’s where the problem began. Since then he has been wanting me to move out of his rentals. I was to move out of the house, but today he came with goons and removed some iron sheets from the roof,”

The Kariobangi South area chief Miss Jane Waigwa acknowledged the matter as she tried to broker a truce between the two, directing Kenneth Maina to let Jackson move out next month.

“The two have been having problems. After disconnecting the illegal connections I gave Kenneth an order to let Jackson move out next month on May 9th.”

The chief condemned the evil act of the landlord while urging other landlords to follow the cue of Michael Munene a Nyandarua landlord who has won hearts with his acts of kindness towards his tenants.

“I urge landlords follow the example set by the landlord from Nyandarua who has shown that you can have a good relationship with your tenants and still be happy”.

Mwai is currently on the run as the state operatives from Kinyago Police Station are looking for him after the matter was reported at the station.