Lawyer Ojienda to represent juakali over their land


Kisumu County Senatorial ODM nominee Lawyer Tom Ojienda has assured Kisumu Juakali Artisans that he will offer pro bono services to fight off Kenya Railways from their land.

The Artisans and Kenya Railways are embroiled in a court tussle over land where they operate.

Ojienda who accompanied Governor Anyang Nyong’o during a campaign in the juakali area says he will be part of the lawyers’ pursuing the case on behalf of the artisans.

He noted that the law of the land allows those who have stayed in a particular land for over 12 years should not be thrown out.

However, Nyong’o blamed the artisans for refusing to move to a land that was donated to them by the national government.

He says he had approached President Uhuru Kenyatta who offered the space but the artisans say they wanted to remain where they are as they battle the matter in court.

Nyong’o disclosed that his government had funds to build working spaces for the artisans in the land that was given out by President Kenyatta.

Earlier, the artisans had challenged Governor Nyong’o to come clear on rumors that should he be elected for the second term then he would evict them from their land.