By Mary Ndinda

A movement set to boldly reject the amendment of the Kenyan constitution of 2010 and the passage of the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) was in the process of being launched today with its founder Hon. Martha Karua and some few other invited speakers at Serena hotel, Nairobi. With the presence of activists like; Dr David Ndii, Dinah Agai, Sheikh Abdullahi, Jerotich Seei, Daisy Ambany and Martha Karua herself, different views on the BBI document were brought to books and the congregation sensitized to boldly reject the BBI and amendment of the constitution.

Professor Ndii pointed out that the only problem that Kenya has is exceptionalism, the thought that we are different and won’t go through what other African countries have gone and are going through is outright. He pointed out how various African countries have gone through problems because of electing incompetent leaders .The lack of free and fair elections, the loss of constitutionalism and many other problems have resorted to the country’s problems. He didn’t fail to mention the course of leadership experienced in Kenya from the times of Jomo to Uhuru, the current president. He expressed his disappointment in President Uhuru who’s main purpose is to actually remain in power no wonder he has betrayed his oath and become so incompetent in what he does. He highlighted that a constitutional amendment will not solve the problem of lack of constitutionalism.

An emphasy on how the BBI has nothing to offer to women and the majority citizen was also accounted for and also how the youths have been discredited by the president who said he wouldn’t give them jobs because they are crooks. A light on how the initiative doesn’t cater for essentials like food security, electricity provision and also provision of food was shed with an example of the woman who boiled stones to pacify her children because she had nothing to give them that night, a case that resulted to the death of one of the kids.

Hon. Marth Karua was more concerned by the unavailability of the BBI document in social sites yet the citizens are being sensitized to pass the document without having read it. She made emphasis on the fact that the initiative would profit the leaders more than the citizens who have actually passed it on.