Lusaka gazettes Friday special sitting to consider report on Waiguru ouster

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka leaves the chambers after the House impeached Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu earlier this year. PHOTO | COURTESY

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka has gazetted a special sitting to consider the 11-member committee’s report on removal of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.

The gazette notice dated June 23 stated that the senators should converge at the Senate Chamber on Friday at 2.30 pm.

“The business to be transacted at the sitting shall be the consideration of the report of the special committee on the proposed removal by impeachment,” the gazette notice read.

“In accordance with the Standing Orders the business specified shall be the only business before the Senate during the special sitting following which the senate shall stand adjourned until July 7 at 2.30 pm.”

The governor was accused of abuse of office, gross misconduct, and manipulating the public procurement procedures.

She is also accused of illegally conferring a benefit of Sh10 million to herself for travel allowance.

Waiguru has dismissed as false and unfounded grounds advanced by the MCAs in her impeachment.

Speaking before the senate Committee prosecuting her ouster on Tuesday, Waiguru said the allegations are mere malice and innuendos meant to embarrass her and destabilise the county operations.

“These MCAs are on a fishing expedition, their superficial evidence is unintelligible,” she said.

The embattled governor insisted the claims are mischievous, bias, hearsay and propaganda.

Should the committee find any of the allegations to be valid, it will uphold the MCAs decision to remove the governor. The decision shall be subjected to a vote on the floor.

However, should the majority of the member dismiss the allegation, the case shall have been defeated.