M-PESA Foundation extends support to Ruma National Park to conserve the endangered Roan Antelope


Safaricom through the M-PESA Foundation has extended its support to Ruma National Park in an effort to protect the endangered Roan Antelope through machinery worth KES6.2 million.

M-PESA Foundation donated a mower and tractor to regularly mow the grass and vegetation to prevent the spread of wildfires which can harm the Roan Antelope and other wildlife. This comes after the Foundation supported the rehabilitation of the 8.6 km boundary fence around the park for KES 17 million.

“We are privileged to partner with KWS, Northern Rangelands Trust and Back to Africa once again as we protect the last remaining Roan Antelopes. These wildlife are a major income earner in this community through tourism. As M-PESA Foundation, we are honored to be at the forefront of conserving this endangered species which will result in empowerment of the community,” said Les Baillie, Executive Director, M-PESA Foundation.

The Roan antelope are a flagship species in Ruma National Park and are used to drive tourism income which is one of Kenya’s top exchange earners.

Since its inception in 2010, the M-PESA Foundation has implemented various large scale and long term highly impactful social projects in the areas of health, education and environmental conservation

Under environmental conservation, the foundation has previously invested in fencing the Mau Eburu Forest and the Nairobi National Park and construction of stables to secure orphaned elephants at Reteti Sanctuary in Samburu County.