Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Applauds Kenyans For a Peaceful Election


Speaking during the press conference the lobby group’s chairperson Mrs Rahab Muiu said; ” As mother’s and as custodians of Families, we are glad the election went well. Today children have gone back to school and women have gone back to their businesses without fear of violence. That is indeed a great achievement!

We want to thank president Uhuru Kenyatta for holding the country together in peace, before during and after the elections. I want to urge Kenyans to remain peaceful until everything is concluded”

Maendeleo put a voice and if our voice helped us to get to where we are then we thank God because we have the numbers to do what we think we need to do for this country and that is developing this country

Kenyan women participation in the elections has improved. When the country settles down, we will engage the women who have been elected so that we forge a way forward for the many members we represent in this country