Today I am joined by MYWO Patron Mama Phoebe Asiyo, Hon. Senator Zipporah Kittony, the National Secretary and the National Treasurer. On behalf of MYWO Board and the entire membership countrywide, as the mothers of this nation we wish to give a  voice on a number of issues in the Country.I want start by most sincerely thanking His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government for the exceptional fight against Covid-19. His Excellency established a framework to upscale and co-ordinate Kenya’s preparedness and response to the Coronavirus. Some of the response measures including a series of public health measures, lockdowns, curfews among other containment measures were key to stem the spread of COVID-19 which indeed saved many lives. In addition, to cushion Kenyans against harsh economic times Our Presidents administration issued Economic Stimulus Programme, Tax Incentives (VAT, PAYE, and Corporation Tax), Cash Transfers to vulnerable households, and People living with disability (PWD), Kazi Mtaani Initiative for jobs to the youth, vaccinations now administered to 11 Million plus Kenyans among many other measures. We also thank the government for supporting the elderly by making sure they receive financial support at the end of every month. 

  • Having said that we acknowledge the difficult conditions Kenyans are living in right now, From Covid 19, the high cost of living, drought &, insecurities like in Lamu, GBV, teenage pregnancies, youths unemployment which stands at five million plus according to 2020 census data.
  • The unemployment numbers mean different to different people; to the politicians if you call for a meeting in a County you are likely to get over a 112,765 youths who are unemployed and idle, if you do the same to a Sub County you can get approximately 18,275 youths and in the Ward you are likely to get 3,655. Now that the campaigns period is here with us, it’s very unfortunate that the rising temperature of our political scenes is not making it any better for the Wananchi. We call upon the political leaders of this nation to trend carefully when addressing the citizens, not to burden them even more with unhealthy politics.
  • As mothers of these unemployed youths, feel you are using them, making them nothing else other than wait to cheer you, give them your small hand out of less than Ksh. 500 which they will go and drink it and  continue with their hopelessness.  Our question is, will they be alive, sober rehabilitated enough to even do these jobs you are promising we don’t like this trend. 
  • We have all witnessed politicians employing inflammatory politics which are very dangerous for this Nation considering where we have come from. We have worked very hard to acquire the peace and stability that we have right now in the country. We continue to thank His Excellency the President Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta for being selfless and accepting the handshake, indeed if we can be honest with ourselves, we can attest the peace the handshake has brought in this Country, let’s not throw this to the dogs.
  • We would also want to address the ongoing country wide registration by IEBC. We call upon all Kenyans eligible to vote, to go and register as voters. If one doesn’t have a voters card, we all know voting is impossible. Voting is the only way one can ensure to elect leaders of uprightness which is crucial in maintaining an equal and fair democracy. When you vote, you help determine how society is organized and resources are allocated.
  • Lastly, we will address is our women in politics. One of our pillars is to empower women politically, which we have done over the years. We encourage women not to be over taken by fear of the challenges that they face when engaging into politics. Let them go out and compete for elective seats like the male aspirants. MYWO is very committed in rallying behind women who will advocate for family values and be role models to our girls into the future and offcourse not leaving the Boy Child behind.
  • We call on political parties, and other election stakeholders, to do their part in helping women overcome the challenges they face during campaigns. To the media we count on you as a key and primary stakeholder to profile women candidates positively and offer a platform for women aspirants to share their agenda with the voters.
  • Finally, let’s all remember that elections come and go, what we do this year will not only determine how this country will be in the next five years but also in the next thirty years. We should choose our leaders wisely and above all, let’s all choose peace for the sake of women and children who are the ones who suffers the most when there is no peace in a country.

 Thank you all and let us remain united for our sake!