Maraga’s advice won’t help -Junet

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed has said advice by Chief Justice David Maraga to dissolve parliament for not following gender rule was in time barred.

The Assembly Minority Whip, Junet said it was sad that Maraga realised he had less than two months in office and wanted to tell Kenyans he was serious and his term in office fruitful by the advice, which he said was belated.

“Even if the assembly is dissolved today and Kenyans are given a mandate in fresh elections the number of women elected will never meet the gender threshold making the advice baseless,” Junet said.

He was speaking in Migori town at Suna East NG-CDF offices when he met his constituents to map out development projects from the kitty.

His sentiments was shared by lawyer Gordon Ogolla who told the Star over the phone on Thursday that it was had to force down the gender bill implementation even when mature democracies have failed.

The Nakuru based lawyer, who is the KANU national Legal and Administration director, said the advice will never help to change the bill.

“The constitution was in force since 2010 and Maraga could have dissolved parliament then, the timing of the country coming from Covid 19 pandemic and his time almost lapsing leaves a lot to be desired,” Ogola said.Ogola and Junet said the matter should better be addressed through the Building Bridges Initiative as a question in the referendum for people to decide.

“We have many institutions in the country, not only parliament, and much older democracies in the world including Britain where attaining the gender rule has not been realised.

The order cant be forced on Kenyans,” Ogolla said.He said the high cost of running an election in all 290 constituencies and senate, and the forthcoming referendum will be a financial hurdle to Kenyans.

They said the decision on what action to take lies with Kenyatta who received the advice on Monday.

By Basil Okoth