Migori Resident Advised to farm during the Corona Period

Migori farmers in 2019 during the raining season.

Migori County government is urging residents to use the break occasioned by the ‘stay-at-home’ order over the coronavirus pandemic to plant fast-maturing crops.

Agriculture executive Valentine Ogongo said this will help avert a looming food crisis as a result of the prolonged flooding last season.

“Let us use the partial lockdown witnessed in the country to work on our farms. Our harvests were poor last season due to prolonged floods and hailstorms,” he said.

Mr Ogongo warned farmers who are selling their produce to brace for tough times should the government enforce a total lockdown.

“Our weather patterns are unpredictable and coupled with the coronavirus pandemic, we should brace for even tougher times. We should not deplete our food reserves.”

On March 5, the Agriculture department rolled out a five-year strategic plan to ensure food security.

Governor Okoth Obado said the plan would enhance the county’s economic stability.