Two men have been killed in a night attack as a machete wielding gang sends terror in Migori town. 

According to Suna West Sub-County police commander Elizabeth Wakuloba, the two were attacked at Maranatha Faith Assemblies church at the wee hours of the night .

At around 1am, Wakuloba said, about three men armed with pangas attacked a security guard and a worker at the church. 

The security guard died instantly as the church goer who was identified to be a student died while receiving treatment at Migori county referral hospital. 

She said that they have launched their investigations into the attack. 

The police boss said the gang stole six microphones and an amplifier. 

According to police reports, they recovered the amplifier which had been dropped by the road side by the trio. 

Migori Security under pressure to Curb rise in insecurity.

Recently, a machete wielding gang has been sending terror to residents living in Migori town, as within a span of one month, three security guards had lost their lives to the attacks. 

About a week ago, a security guard was killed as his eyes were gouged out at Ombo area in Migori town, as another security guard is still nursing injuries at Migori county referral hospital after he was attacked by a machete weilding gang. 

The gang which is said to have been targeting electronic devices has over the past three months breaking into homes and business premises where they make away with music systems and televisions. 

Residents now fear for their security as they ask security officials to have intense patrols placed around the town to protect them from the gang as security guards ask for guns to defend themselves against such eventualities.

Howeve, Migori governor Ochillo Ayacko has called on members of the public to volunteer information to security officers to assist in investigations.