Migori Shooting Incident


Migori county security officers have launched investigations into a shooting incident involving former Nyatike Mp. Edick Anyanga that left one person nursing serious gun inflicted wounds in the abdomen .

Victim Of The Gun Shot

The county police Commander Mark Wanjala on a phone interview said the incident happened at Nyakweri shopping center, a few kilometers from Anyanga’s home.

He added that the former Mp who is out to reclaim Nyatike parliamentary seat allegedly shot at a group of young men he ran into from his campaign trails at night.

The police boss said that they did not recover any spent cartridge. However they recovered from Anyanga a firearm with 12 rounds of ammunitions which has since been kept as exhibit.

Nyatike constituency member of parliament Hon. Tom Odege condemned the incident and termed it as an act of political intolerance.

He said such acts of violence as barbaric and outdated and called on the security organs crack down of violent individuals ahead of the general elections

The Former Mp ,Anyanga has however refuted the claims saying he shot in the air to disperse a gang who had intercepted him on his way home with crude weapons.

Migori county has witnessed a spate of politically instigated violent attacks.

Last week , a coronation rally organized by suba elders in Suna West was disrupted when an unknown civilian lobbed teargas before fleeing on foot.