Mohamed Hatimy: Dialogue the way forward

Former FKF chairman Mohamed Hatimy [PHOTO/COURTESY]

Depending on FIFA for protection no longer works around the world and Football Kenya Federation must read the signs, former FKF chairman Mohamed Hatimy said yesterday.

Hatimy said it was time for FIFA to move with speed and unlock the leadership stalemate in Kenya.

“FIFA ordered FKF to hold election before the end of March and this has not happened. FIFA’s Article 19 of its Statutes on Independence of Member Associations states that any bodies not elected or appointed in compliance with the Statutes even in interim basis shall not be recognised by FIFA,” said Hatimy saying the current FKF tenure expired last month and therefore are in office illegally.

“Any decisions passed by FKF today cannot be recognised and FIFA erred by dismissing the ruling of Sports Tribunal. FIFA must respect its Article 3 by upholding and defending its Statutes. This old style of leadership is unacceptable,” Hatimy said.

The former FKF supremo said Nick Mwendwa must give priority to arbitration as a means of dispute resolutions.

“Mwendwa must comply with the principles of good governance particularly prohibiting all forms of discrimination and be ready for round table discussions with all football stakeholders,” said Hatimy, who emphasized he had no plans to return to football leadership.

“I have come of age in football leadership and my duty is now to inspire young people to run for office,” said Hatimy.

Hatimy said he would support any leader from Coast region who will declare his or her candidature for any elective post at the national level.

Twaha Mbarak, one of the leaders from the Coast, was tight-lipped yesterday on whether he will vie for presidency when the football election are held.

“I have a lot of respect for Hatimy. It’s a good gesture from him to support me or any Coast leader but it’s not the appropriate time to declare my stand. We have issues to clear with FIFA before hitting the road,” said Mbarak.