Mudavadi hits out at Ruto over failed economy


For the first time, Mudavadi openly called on Dr Ruto share in the failures of President Uhuru Kenyatta government where he is his deputy.
Mudavadi said Ruto is part of the Jubilee administration that has made life unbearable for Kenyans with increased cost of goods.
“In a kitchen set up, the head is the chef and he is assisted by a deputy chef. If the chef puts more salt on the food, the deputy should not run away from the bad food…..where was he when the chef was over salting the food?” posed the ANC leader yesterday in Nyeri.
Mudavadi was speaking during his first day of the two-day visit of Nyeri County, at a meeting with residents at ACK St Peter’s Cathedral Church Hall, Nyeri town where he said Ruto is part of the mess the country is in.
“Corruption has been the hallmark of this administration and made life very expensive. Now someone is telling you that he will fix the same economy he has been in the last eight years,” he said.
Mudavadi said he was the first to raise a red flag on the failing economy and advising what needed to be done.
“Everyone including those who were in government are now talking of how they will revive the economy, the same economy they have blundered,” he said.
Mudavadi reached out to the Nyeri people to support his campaign message of building the economy that works for all and not subjecting Kenyans to a culture of handouts.
“We want to build an economy that works for all and see unto it that Kenyans are not overtaxed. This can only be achieved through a peaceful nation,” he said.
The ANC leader reiterated that Kenyans are highly taxed and that his administration will work towards lowering the taxes and ensure people have money in their pockets.
The Nyeri visit comes barely two weeks after he made a tour of Nakuru County where he was hosted by Governor Lee Kinyanjui and on a backdrop of a meeting with Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia and his Kirinyaga counterpart, Anne Waiguru, a month ago.
Mudavadi said the reforms in the tea sector should be made to work and benefit all Kenyans, as he promised Nyeri people that his administration will ensure the agriculture economy of the region is supported and made to thrive again.
“Reforms in the tea sector should be supported and ensure they work for the benefit of all Kenyans. Coffee farming and even the vegetable sector must be supported through value addition and my government will ensure this is achieved and farmers protected,” he said.
Governor Kahiga welcomed the ANC leader, assuring him that the people of Nyeri and Central Kenya region will support a candidate who will help revive the dwindling economy of the region.
“We care more about our economy, especially our Agriculture sector and looking at those interested in the presidency, we already know who that person is. Kenyans need a leader who embraces peace, has no controversy and is keen to unite all people and Mudavadi fits in that description,” said the governor.
The governor maintained that central region is yet to endorse any person for the presidency but will walk with whoever will ensure peace prevails before, during and after the elections.
“We appreciate and love your leadership style. You are a humble person and a man of peace and that’s what we need as a people of Nyeri. The people of Nyeri have no problem with you,” he added.