Mudavadi: Why co-principals are hesitant to quit NASA

Amani National Congress Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi.

Constituent political parties are yet to officially cease membership of the National Super Alliance despite several public declarations by a section of opposition leaders.

NASA made up of five political parties namely ODM, ANC, Ford Kenya, Chama Cha Mashinani and Wiper which saw the leaders become co-principals.

Speaking during a morning show Amani National Congress party leader Mudavadi said that there are other aspects such as revenue sharing indicating that political parties get some benefits by staying under the coalition.

“There were some obligations, revenue sharing and so forth which unfortunately are not being adhered to,” he noted He added: “But discussions are ongoing to resolve these issues if it becomes impossible then we will go to an arbitration process.”

One of the benefits came from the Political Parties Fund cash which parties share. This, however, led to a vicious war.

It was reported that other parties’ share is believed to be at the mercy of Opposition chief Raila Odinga, who decides how to share the windfall with his partners in the moribund coalition. This was after Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu said coalition agreement did not contain any clause on the sharing of funds from the Exchequer as ODM was allocated Sh4.1 billion.

Mudavadi also noted that each party is hesitant to make the first move to walk out of the political marriage because none wants to be perceived as a backstabber. “If they leave some of them are worried they will be seen as the ones who jumped ship,” he said.

The ANC party leader did not entirely rule out the possibility of the coalition remaining intact ahead of the 2022 contests but hinted of a new coalition.

“Politics is dynamic. If the issues are resolved we could still have NASA in 2022. Equally, we are now alive to the fact that there could be other coalition arrangements,” said Mudavadi.

A section of politicians have declared the coalition dead but Mudavadi who founded NASA is adamant the coalition is still intact. “Nobody has quit NASA officially. It exists, it is a legal entity as a coalition,” he said.

Mudavadi, however, has challenged those who said NASA is dead to pull out of the coalition in writing.

“If they say it is gone, why aren’t they pulling the plug out? The agreement we signed was that if three political parties officially exit then NASA ceases to exist,” he said.

Mudavadi denied he was gullible when he was asked why it was easy for politicians to play him after the outcome of 2013 and 2017 elections.

“I do not think people find it easy to play me. I moved on from the 2013 incident. Now, I cannot be guilty as one person because we are five of us,” he said.