New Year, New Anthem! ‘Vile Unalike, Nakulike!’

Last year ended with Kagwe Mungai dropping Single after a long hiatus from the music scene. This New Year, Kagwe is starting off on a high and setting the pace for his fans with Nakulike, the first single off his debut album Spectrum.

‘Nakulike’ features Naiboi, who comes through for the track with laid back, groovy and witty lines while Mr. Steal your girl, Kagwe, wraps up the last verse with some cheek and dope flow that serves nothing but the feels and pure dopeness! 

The catchy tune and beats are credited to Kagwe who was both the producer and mastering guru behind this masterpiece. He teamed up with The Raww Film Maker again on this track to co-direct the retro video that defies the norm and sets standards for music consumption, not just in the Kenyan market, but the international music scene as well.

The song comes in time for valentine’s day preparations for all the lovers and single people out there to get with it in a fun and funky way. We have a new anthem in town and we are excited!  I mean, does it get better than ‘vile unanilike, nakulike pia’?  
‘Nakulike’ is available on YouTube Now
Nakulike was launched in an exclusive – invite-only party set in Eyequeue Studios, where the video was shot. The setting resembled the initial stage design which gave the attendees a chance to don some old-skul attire and interact with the retro-themed space.
The event was attended by key industry players such as; Fena Gitu, Blinky Bill, Buddha Blaze, Troy White, Mayonde and corporates including The Mdundo Team, BAT, Ogilvy, Scanad, Mookh as well as other friends of Kagwe from his social and professional spaces.