NGO holds awareness campaign to young mothers on Gender Based Violence


A Migori based non-governmental organisation has embarked on creating awareness of Gender Based violence (GBV) among teenage and younger mothers.Speaking during a forum at Anjego Dispensary in Kakrao Ward, Suna East Sub County that brought together various stakeholders “Send A Cow” Community Health Officer Elizabeth Nyadima said that the organisation was taking a 16 days activism gender based violence awareness against women in Uriri and Suna East Sub Counties. She noted that fear, stigmatization and shame makes women not to report GVB adding that the discussion will create awareness to enlighten women on issues of gender based violence. Nyadima said that “Send a Cow” has created space for teenage and young mothers to speak freely and have their issues discussed.“Send A Cow” Project Facilitator Mr. Hamisi Hassan pointed out that majority of teenage mothers are forced to live with their partners due to lack of income subjecting them to physical and sexual violence.Hassan who is also in charge of Gender and Social Inclusion at “Send A Cow” noted that the forum was meant to sensitize young and teenage mothers on harmful effects of gender based violence. He noted that GBV was an impediment to societal development which needed to be eradicated for the betterment of the society.The official pointed out that refusal from men to allow their partners engage in social economic activities is a violation of women rights. He said that this has hindered family development and prosperity while creating more poverty.Hassan acknowledged that having these forums will create more awareness and enable women to have opportunities economically. He said that the issue of gender based violence should be collaborative to ensure that proper awareness is achieved and actions executed.Hassan noted that future forums will incorporate young fathers in order to enlighten them on the issues of GBV.Lydia Ombati, a nurse in charge of Anjego Dispensary acknowledged that having gender based violence awareness was important to societal health care. She noted that since the outbreak of Covid 19 the dispensary has witnessed many cases of GBV violence especially from young mothers and pregnant teenagers. She noted that they have been teaching these young mothers on issues of GBV and how to avoid them. She also noted that she has been encouraging them to report GBV matters to local authorities to ensure that the perpetrators are arrested.Ombati noted that teenage and young mothers between the ages of 16 to 24 have been coming to the dispensary with bruises on their faces and private parts from physical and sexual abuse from their partners.Vivian Anyango, a young mother said that the discussion will help them identify GBV and how to avoid them. She noted that many young mothers like her fear to speak out about these violence for fear of being rejected by family members or being chased away from their matrimonial homes.Anyango noted that the majority of young mothers in her area have benefited from crop and livestock production thanks to the knowledge they obtained from practical lessons that Send A Cow offered. She said that the little income they generate from these ventures has helped resolve money quarrels that always resulted in insults and beatings from their partners.In attendance was the area Chief, Mr. Armstrong Adamba who noted that issues of gender based violence was drastically affecting the economic development of the community. He noted that the administration has been able to resolve the cases that have been forwarded to him. The administrator noted that most at times those cases have been resolved with the help of various stakeholders whom he said have greatly helped the community. He urged the community to always report such cases to ensure that equity prevails.