Ngunjiri Wambugu: We now have a focused leadership in Parliament

Nyeri town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu in a past event. Image courtesy

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has said the Parliament is now in a position to ensure that the government is delivering its promises to Kenyans.

Ngunjiri said that the previous leadership was more divided making it difficult for the president to deliver to Kenyans.

“We had too many disjointed voices that were actually voices in authority in parliament. For example which were leading us in different directions,” Ngunjiri said.

He added that “If the president wants certain policies to be made in parliament for him to execute something that he wants, we need to see that support.”

In an interview with Citizen TV on Tuesday night, the MP said that he has been impressed by the changes in Jubilee party in terms of leadership in Parliament.

“I am happy for what has happened. We have been waiting for the longest time. This is something that I’ve been insisting as a Member of Parliament that we needed to get our house in order,” Ngunjiri said.

Nyeri Town legislator was referring to the changes made by Jubilee Coalition in both the Senate and the National Assembly.

Garissa Town MP Aden Duale is the latest to be removed from the Majority Leader in the Parliament following a Jubilee PG meeting held on Monday at KICC.

Duale’s position that he had held for seven years was taken by Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya.

Ngunjiri also said that some of the people who were removed by the party from various leadership positions were not supporting the president in delivering his promises to Kenyans.

He said some were supporting the president in words but things were different once they stepped in Parliament.

“You cannot say that you are supporting the president in words. We need to see it in action. We need to see it in parliament.”