NMS not interested in county politics

Nairobi Metropolitan Services director-general Mohammed Badi and Water Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki during the inspection of water projects in Mathare on June 18. IMAGE/COURTESY

The NMS was established by President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 18 and marked its 100th day in office on Sunday.

“I’m not a politician and I don’t have a say in politics and don’t wish to do so. Mine is service delivery. I’m here as your servant and I can assure you I will work around the clock to ensure that all the 85 wards are developed,” he said.

He said government and opposition sides are strange terms to him because as far as he is concerned, all are Kenyans.

Badi was setting the record straight after the NMS was dragged in County Assembly wrangles in which some MCAs accuse their colleagues of not supporting his office.

The director-general spoke last Thursday when he paid a courtesy call on the Nairobi County Assembly. It was his first visit to the assembly since his appointment.

He disclosed that the President informed him of his new job the night before NMS was established.

“I was told on March 17 at night by His Excellency the President that tomorrow I will be appointed to head an office. I did not have the time to think and because that was the call of the Commander-in-Chief and being a military officer, you follow your commander,” Badi explained.

He said the NMS will work without bias or favoritism to deliver services.

“As a uniformed personnel I serve all of you without bias. One thing about me is that I don’t take sides. Whatever will be presented will be achieved as long as it is beneficial to the residents of Nairobi.”

As if to stamp his authority, the NMS boss said he feared nobody and that his office will work transparently.

“I’m not afraid of anyone. I will also not  bother with those who want to diminish our role. NMS is a public office to serve Nairobians,” he said.

Badi asked the MCAs to set their priorities right in term of projects. He promised not to neglect any of the 85 wards in terms of project implementation as per budgetary allocation.

“Whether you support me or not, mine is not to serve you as an elected member but to serve the constituents who brought you to this assembly. I will try my level best to ensure that there is a change in each and every ward,” he said.

He said the NMS mandate was service delivery and not dishing out favours.

“It is not a favour when you come to my office demand that service be delivered. It is your right as it will benefit  your people. That is what makes a difference between the leadership which was there and the one we have now,” Badi explained.

His priority, he told the MCAs, is to upgrade the informal areas which have for long been neglected. He will focus on their development, especially their infrastructure.

“I will first start with that mwananchi who is suffering by bringing change in all informal settlements to make sure his life changes so that he can feel like the rest of the residents,” he said.

Badi is expected to hand in his 100-day achievement report card to the President tomorrow (Tuesday), according to NMS sources.