No Compensation for Kibera residents

The beautiful Scene of Kibera

The residents of Kibera are said that they will not be compensated after they pave way for construction of Ngong Road-Kungu Karumba-Lang’ata link road.

The decision was announced by National Lands Commission, Kenya National Human Rights Commission and Urban Roads Authority on his present day.

The two commissions said the land belongs to the government and the development of the proposed link road will proceed as planned.

NLC Vice Chairperson Abigael Mbagaya said only the owners of the structures on the 10acre land will be compensated through the Resettlement Action Plan.

“The transport corridor is on public land. Most of the residents built structures on the land and NLC will not compensate for that. All we shall do is to pay the occupiers in good faith,” she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by KNCHR’s Kagwiria Mbogori who said the mapped area approximately 10 acres was occupied by structure owners but that will not stop the project to continue.

Dismissing claims that the said road will affect the 288 acres allocated to the Nubian community, Mbogori said the entire piece of land belongs to the government.

“The project will move on. The Constitution in article 40 provides that those who occupy land without title deeds may be compensated in good faith. This is not the first time for such an experience in the country where citizens have settled on land meant for infrastructure development,” she said.

She said even in instances where title deeds are owned on a land deemed for development they have to be surrendered under compulsory acquisition and thus the Kibera issue is no exception.

KURA Deputy Director in charge of structures Engineer Timothy Nyamboi they are mandated to implement the Sh2 billion project which will reduce traffic jam on Mbagathi Way, Ngong Road and Lang’ata Road.

Nyamboi was speaking during a stakeholder consultation forum between KURA, KNCHR, National Lands Commission and the residents.

During the previous week, the government gave the residents two weeks to vacate to pave the way for construction of the road.

Residents of Mashimoni, Lindi, Kambi Muru and Kisumu Ndogo villages will be affected. They are encroaching on 800 metres.

“Upon the expiry of this notice, any structures or property found on the specified corridor will be demolished or removed from the road reserve at the trespassers’ risk and cost,” he said.