1. We stand behind the wisdom of His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander in Chief of the Defense Forces, and the Right Honorable former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga in regards to the Building Bridges Initiative, they have truly put Kenya first.

2. We Nyanza Young leaders and representatives from Kisii to Migori, Kuria to Nyatike, to Kisumu Siaya and Homabay thank all who shared their proposals with the BBI taskforce. Today we have a Report to be proud of and worth backing. We have read, understood and internalized the wisdom of the committee in regards to the recommendations as annexed in the Bills, either as acts of Parliament or as proposal to amend the Constitution.

3. We the people of Nyanza have been victims of harsh political cycles since the ’90s. and the concerted Efforts by our key leaders to end this menace is fully welcome by us. Young people have been Key ingredients for competing interests in Kenya’s political space and this constituency has often been misused. Its time to say ENOUGH

4. The President and the Prime Minister have put have put us on a path of growth both Politically, Economically and Socially.

  • That Nomination to any house without competitive process will be a thing of the past, with political parties required to meet mandatory 2/3rds gender rule.
  • We will easily achieve 50 50 representation in Every County which will produce 2 senators, a man and a woman, and best losers will get to join the County assemblies having come from a competitive end.


We will have a Prime Minister and Two Deputies appointed to the executive by the President without any additional cost to the current existing salary structure

To further enhance Political Inclusion MPs will be appointed ministers and shall earn one salary and the number of ministers will remain 22 (Inclusive the two Deputy Prime Ministers)

For equitable representation, we will have a multi member constituency distributed across the Country to enhance inclusivity and service delivery.


We support the most Important provisions of all, the county allocation will be increment from 15 % – 35% of the most recent audited accounts and Ward Development Fund of 5% per ward of all the county governments’ revenue to take development resources to the grassroots.
Finally, we affirm our full support for the BBI Process and pledge unwavering commitment to this exemplary National Agenda and an enduring lasting legacy for both the President and the Prime Minister, a legacy of peace and stability.