Nyong’o Hits Out At Mudavadi


Kisumu well know as the third biggest City in the country has been for the past one month been under scrutiny on how safe is it to invest in the county. This is due to the demonstrations that have been witnessed in the city that saw the destruction of property and loss of life.

This did not sit well with the current Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi terming the City as the not safe for investments because of the anti-government protest as led by the opposition leader.

Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o assured investors of the security of their investments and that the security in Kisumu is in great hands. Prof. Nyong’o questioned Mudavadi on whether he has ever raised a complaint on the security of his investments in Kisumu.

“I have not, as the governor of this great county, received any complaint from him regarding the insecurity of his investments and properties in Kisumu. But eager to please his boss by mouthing the typical UDA/Kenya Kwanza propaganda replete with ethnicity, he has recklessly tried to besmirch the good name that Kisumu enjoys nationally to achieve a narrow and selfish political ambition.” said Prof Nyong’o

“Let Mr Mudavadi help stop this kind of sabotage by elements in the Kenya Kwanza brigade. Since Musalia cannot even fight for his own community, one wonders why he is poking his nose across the border to spread misinformation about Kisumu,”

“I know in the last demonstrations strange characters were passed into this city. We have information that the external sabotage is to capitalise on the peaceful demonstrations,” he said.

The Governor has assured everybody in Kisumu of security of all their investment after a closed door meeting with stakeholders and business owners in Kisumu.

Recently, the County Government of Kisumu signed an MOU with United Green, a United Kingdom-based firm, as a first step towards a long-term collaboration in enhancing agricultural production in the county and the region.

The deal signed in London envisages direct investments of up to Sh31 billion in various crop value chains in the medium- to long-term by the private investment company and other partners in the project.