No corona virus coin is lost.

Migori County Governor Okoth Obado want his social media critics to concentrate on how to deal with coronavirus pandemic instead of posting what he termed us ‘useless things’ about his government.

Obado fired on group he described as ‘notorious young men and women’ for their false claims on how his government was dealing with Covid-19.

The Governor said there was no coronavirus money lost since all the funds and resources are under and independent County Resource Mobilisation Committee.He said the residents should make good use of social media with aim of helping to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic.

According to the one of the posts: ‘Every press conferences is estimated to cost taxpayers in excess of 1m for media and allowance to those in attendance when the county has no single ICU bed’. The claims Obado refuted.

Obado said that many have failed to understand the role of social media platforms but instead use it for posting things which add no value to the society.

Obado said that there is a total transparency in handling the materials and cash donated by well-wishers and there has never been a case of misuse of any amount of the donated funds and cash where he urged them to continue doing so.

He was speaking while receiving resources to fight Covid-19 at his office ground. Migori Jumbo Stores donated 10 250 litres of water tanks, 30 Cartons of bar soap, 10 cartons of facemask and 10 cartons of hand gloves.

By Basil Okoth