Our attention has been drawn to a statement by UDA regarding events at their botched rally in Nairobi on Sunday.
In the past two weeks, the national conversation has remained centred around the UDA brigade’s warning to everyone they call “madodadoa” to leave the Rift Valley, or face the consequences of making a free choice at the ballot. 
We don’t need reminding that the last time that happened, lives were lost, and the Kiambaa Church tragedy will always remain a sad monument of this dark history. 
Around the same time, Kenyans watched the demeanour of UDA allied MPs during the special sittings of Parliament, and noticed their anger and unhinged emotions, a worrying sign of their inability to take defeat with dignity. 
Because the focus has shone on them for their reckless talk and conduct, UDA and its warmonger leader have been desperate for ways to deflect attention from the madoadoa grave they dug themselves into.
They have been craving any remote chance to besmirch the names of President Uhuru, Rt Hon Odinga and CS Matiangi, in a desperate attempt to draw false parallels and hand us the violence skunk they are breeding. We want the violence network in UDA to know that ODM will not carry your madoadoa burden.
The whole country is aware that the Deputy President’s philosophy of handouts and payment to youths to attend his rallies has boomeranged on him many times, when aggrieved youths demand their share of the loot and disrupt his rallies. It happened in Kondele, Kieni and there is every reason to believe that is exactly what happened at Jacaranda too.
Members of the ODM party already have a massive catalogue of events lined up, and would not be interested in attending the DP’s lie festivals.
May it go on record that the Rt Hon Odinga has indicated that he is running to create ONE indivisible country, a far cry from the DP’s tribal and class wars mentality. As we have stated before, the DP is his own worst enemy and must look in the mirror whenever he wants an explanation as to why his political fortunes continue to dwindle.
This country has had enough of Ruto and UDA’s divisive rhetoric and will not fall for it. 
ODM declines the invitation to be blamed for seeds of discord sown by the corruption lords who have panicked at the prospect of a Raila Presidency, which many more Kenyans of goodwill, having realised what the UDA brigade is really about, have embraced.
We welcome the call for the Police, DCI and all other investigative to conduct a thorough probe into the events at Jacaranda and have no doubt that the same conclusions as were drawn in Kondele, the fake assassination claims and fake abductions will be reached. 
Edwin Sifuna,

Secretary General