Oparanya Sends 143 Revenue Staff On Forced Leave

Kakamega Governor Wyclife Oparanya (Courtesy)

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has sent 143 county revenue staff on 60-day compulsory leave. While making the announcement on Tuesday, Governor Oparanya downplayed the issue saying those clerks had never taken leave.

“I have found out the 143 clerks have never been on leave since 2013 and it’s good they rest.”

Opranya has now directed that the roles of the revenue clerks to be executed by community administrators across the 12 sub-counties. In addition, the county executive officers will in the meantime spearhead collection of revenue in sub-counties and submit reports daily.

Speaking on Tuesday at the county office chambers, Oparanya further said that the revenue staff will report to the County Public Service Board for redeployment upon their return. The governor is reorganizing his administration to improve service delivering the county as he also seeks to improve revenue collection.

“Last year, the revenue collection increased from Sh500 million to Sh890 million. As a county, we have an opportunity to collect as much as Sh1.5 billion without any problem. We have a shortfall of about Sh600 million that we need to collect,” said the Governor

Ms Beatrice Memo, who retired from the Kenya Revenue Authority has since been appointed to be in charge of the County Revenue Agency. This measure is targeting to plug a Sh600 million shortfall in the county’s own revenue collection.